Run with the Rising Sun

morning running

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For me, nothing beats a run in the early morning. The dawn just breaking over the horizon, the world still quiet from the night and just beginning to come back to life. It is a peaceful time for me with a steady pace and footfall after footfall creating a soothing rhythm for the soul. It clears my head, wakes me up and gives me some time to be at peace before another hectic day begins. If you haven’t tried a wake up run I’d highly recommend it.

Not a Morning Person

To be honest, I’ve never been a morning person. I hated getting up and often found that when my alarm rang I wanted nothing more than to stay snug in my bed and I still had time for my running on my days off or after work. As time went on though, I found that I got busier and had less time to do the things I liked. I cut running down to infrequent jogs a few times a month at the gym and the odd nice weekend. Eventually I started to miss the feeling and the energy that I had when I was running regularly and I decided to make a change. I myself had taken to the internet to read about how other people had reinvigorated their passion and what I thought would work was the morning run. It took a few changes for me however to make it work. I decided to start going to bed earlier so that I could actually have the willpower to leave my bed an hour earlier each morning and hit the bricks but it worked. I think that now that I start my day by getting my blood pumping and my body moving I am much more productive and happy. There is something about the fresh morning air, still cool and calm from the night that just puts me in the right mindset to begin the day. In addition to being alert in the morning, it also gets me hungry and I really find that I savor and enjoy my breakfast so much when I come back home after working up a sweat. I really never realized how difficult mornings used to be for me until I made the change. I simply dreaded that half awake haze that waking up left me in, even if I had gotten more than enough sleep the night before; it put a cloud over my whole morning which sometimes bled through to the rest of the day. For me it is now a new way of life, not just because I love to run, but because of how the running makes me feel and how that feeling colors my entire day now.

My 30 Day Morning Run Challenge

If you’re like the old me that I described, I challenge you to try moving your runs to the morning for a month and see how you feel after those 30 days. Start slow and find a pattern that works for you. When to sleep, what to eat and where to run make a difference, so experiment and find what is the best fit for you. I did and I love it and it’s my hope that I can encourage more people to make the same amazing change that helped me love life even more.

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