I really enjoy running. In fact I’d go so far as to say that I’m a runner. I’ve been running for many years and have gone through many stages from the in your face you should be running guy, the scientific facts guy and the woohoo new personal best guy to the guy I am now.

Indiana is a beautiful land and Bloomington is a beautiful city. There are lots of great places to run and people to meet if you get out there and hit the pavement. I started this blog as a fun way to write about an activity I love and just to get my thoughts out there. If I can help motivate, advise or otherwise help someone else through any of the struggles I went through then my goal will be realized and even if that doesn’t happen I’ll be content just to have tried.

There is no “right way” to run, it is something that you find for yourself and even then it is always changing and the best we can do is to just keep on going, hopefully enjoying the ride.

I know I have so far and I hope to for many years to come.

I’d love to hear from others so leave a comment if you have a thought or just to say Hi.

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